24.02.2022 Russian Federation declared war against peaceful Ukraine and start armed invasion into our homeland.

War came to our homes, bombs and shells started to blow in few kilometers from Kharkiv and our main production facility and now we stopped all operations and projects to keep people and families safe.

We, as team, promise to finish all old projects and ship out all kits and tail lights, but this will happen only then production facility will be moved to safe place, people will be safe and Ukraine will survive in this criminal frenzy.

But now we need your help to stay alive, move our shop and support our mates here. Please consider to donate as many as you want. Any bit matters. We believe in community and lighting enthusiasts. We all here, in my little company and in Ukraine rely on you and pray for peace.

God bless you, stay safe, support and pray for Ukraine. We really need it now.

Ed Tretyakov

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