DIY / LED Animations Controller v.1.0 "Pinky"

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Product Desctiption

  • Full-featured LED animations controller
  • 32 output channels, 500mA / channel
  • 6 isolated inputs from car signals
  • 1 Clicker input button to enable showmodes
  • Power-over-signal (board can feed itself through input wires)
  • Full brightness control on each channel ( 0 - 100% )
  • Starting, Delayed, Ending animations and sequences
  • USB programming with regular micro-USB cable
  • Powerful Software to control and program your board

What you will receive

  • 1 LED LED Animations Controller module for DIY installs
  • Software pack via online downloa with documentation
  • Micro-USB cable (1 per package)


  • LEAD TIME:4-8 weeks
  • 6 month warranty against manufacture defects with free replacement
  • Free lifetime repair (client cover shipment)


  • All of our tail light modifications and componetns are meant for OFF-ROAD USE ONLY. Please refer to your local laws and regulations to see if this is permitted for street use in your area.
  • We are not liable to any damage this product causes from installation or it's use.