Toyota / Supra A80 Front LED Indicators / DRL Boards

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What you will receive

  • 2 Plug-and-Play assembled LED Front Blinker boards with plugs
  • 3-4 Weeks lead time

Available Options

Sequential Blinkers:

  • Led bar on the board contain 16 rows of LED's. Sequential option will make this ld bas flow to clearly indicate direction of turn light.

DRL + Showmodes:

  • Boards will be equipped with additional controller to perform DRL function on separate wire and start / stop "showmode" to exhibit your indicators.

Remote Interface:

  • Additional module will be added to package to perform configurations or regular and showmodes right from your smartphon or any WiFi-enabled device.


  • Plug-and-Play, easy to install
  • 6 month warranty against all sealing/moisture/Labor/LED defects (Buyers cover shipping)


  • All of our tail light modifications are meant for OFF-ROAD USE ONLY. Please refer to your local laws and regulations to see if this is permitted for street use in your area.
  • We are not liable to any damage this product causes from installation or it's use.